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Why Invest or Live in Bethesda, Potomac & Rockville, Maryland?

Montgomery County, Maryland is one of the wealthiest counties on the east coast and also in the United States. Situated directly outside our nation’s capital, the robust and “bullet proof” economy consists of a concentration of high paying jobs, both Federal and State governments and private sector jobs. Montgomery County boasts both of a high median income as well as a very highly educated population as compared to most of the country.

This huge job market attracts people from all over the country and the world who move here pursuing long-term careers, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and one of the East Coast’s best kept secrets for raising a family.
Five of the area High Schools in Montgomery County consistently rank in the USA’s Top 100 High Schools each year. These highly sought after school districts have become a bit of a “haven” for landlords looking for well-qualified and conscientious tenants who often commit to multi year leases.

What location is best considering my commute? What schools best serve my children’s needs? How much maintenance can I handle? Where can I get the most for my money while remaining close in town? 

The Montgomery County, Maryland area also boasts home for international business and banking employees as well as the world’s finest Medical researchers as found in places like the NIH in Bethesda, or PharmaKing and MedImmune who employ thousands of workers in the area. Other Large employers include Marriott headquarters, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, World Bank, IMF, Inter Development Bank, Embassies from around the world. Bethesda and Potomac also host the only area wide French and German Schools, which serve the entire DC, MD and VA area.

Montgomery County’s Veteran Services for both active and retired military are also in Bethesda at Walter Reed which has now merged with the Bethesda Naval Hospital and is adding 10,000 new positions by 2020 including a new Medical College for Combat Support Nurses and New Doctors.

Countless private sector companies have set up shop in and around our Nation’s Beltway to provide support, services and goods for all of these Government related and Military operations and so the enormous spending that takes place is quite surreal and unlike any other place in the country. In Good times or Bad, you can count on our economy to out perform, out grow and keep up with costs of living like no other place you will find.

The local government economists have already projected in 2015 that that by 2045, there will be more than 1 Million new government related jobs coming to the Southern Montgomery County area alone, pushing growth in upwards of 35% from its current levels and other outer areas in and around the DC area to an even much higher growth rate.

To Navigate the Complex Waters of such a dynamic marketplace, you need the right guardian to assist you…….That guardian is Kenneth Rose.

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